High Impact Support Gym Sports Bra Leggings Set

Material: Eco-friendly Recycled Fabric, Nylon/spandex: 160-220 GSM, Cotton/spandex: 160-220 GSM, Polyester/spandex: 160-220 GSM, Or other fabric material types can be customized. Fabric Specifications: Breathable, Durable, Quick-dry, Comfortable, Flexible. Color: Multiple colors for optional ,or customized as PANTONE. Logo: Heat transfer, Silk screen printing, Embroidered, Rubber patch or others as customer requirements.

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OEM ODM High Impact Support Gym Sports Bra Leggings Set China Manufacturer


Eco-friendly Recycled Fabric

Nylon/spandex: 160-220 GSM Cotton/spandex: 160-220 GSM Polyester/spandex: 160-220 GSM Or other fabric material types can be customized.

Fabric Specifications

Breathable, Durable, Quick-dry, Comfortable, Flexible


Multiple colors for optional ,or customized as PANTONE.


Heat transfer, Silk screen printing, Embroidered, Rubber patch or others as customer requirements


Covering stitch machine, 4 needles and 6 threads or seamless

Sample Time

About 7-10 days


100pcs (Mix Colors and Sizes,pls contact with our service)


Can customized Main label, Swing tag, Washing label, Package poly bag, Package box, Tissue paper etc.

Production Time

10-15 days after all details are confirmed


1pcs/poly bag, 100pcs/carton or as customer required


DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,Air/Sea shipment

- Your yoga clothes will depend largely on personal preference, as well as the style of yoga you plan to practice. For women, a sports bra offers enough support for the type of yoga you are practicing. And a breathable, flexible bottoms like yoga pants or shorts is suit with sports bra. And the breathable, narrow- or form-fitting tops that won’t hang over your head when you are upside down.- Many yoga clothing are made for polyester, nylon, spandex blends, and for a good reason, these fabrics offer the right balance of comfort, breathable and flexibility: - Comfort: There’s nothing worse than practicing yoga in an uncomfortable piece of clothing. As you tune into your body, you don’t want to focus on itchy seams and tags, saggy or too tight waistbands, or fabric that binds and chafes. That is why most of yoga sports bra and leggings are made for seamless.- Bayee apparel provide OEM and ODM service, welcome to contact with us to get professional service. Waistcoat wide shoulder strap design, let you reduce muscle pressure and stretch to widen the lower position, wear and take off in a second to release the pressure on the shoulder and back, elastic shoulder strap safe bearing firm shape to prevent light. High - strength shockproof sports underwear, intellectual simple lives up to time. All SHOW SEXY CLAVICLE BEAUTY, ENHANCE SUPPORT FORCE ELASTIC WIDE SHOULDER belt, FREE STRETCH DOES NOT FALL EASILY. The lower girth is widened to cover the curve of the figure and add details to the decoration. The asana chest pad protects the chest from running away. The large hollow design at the back enhances the sense of wrapping and support, improves the wearing comfort, high fitting and zero bondage. The curved and elegant U-neck design, as well as the fixed cup is not easy to shift, whether it is worn inside or single suitable. The high-strength wrapping function can support the elastic design of the chest to cushion the shock feeling, increase the comfort and moisture absorption fabric, sports underwear is not stuffy, stable support and effective shock absorption.The role of yoga clothes: 1. The increase in vitality comes from the effect of yoga on the brain and glands. 2. Young appearance and mood: Yoga reduces facial wrinkles and produces a natural "lifting" effect. This is mainly due to handstands. Our usual upright position encourages gravity to pull the muscles down. 3. Over time, the facial muscles gradually collapse. A few minutes of handstand a day allows us to reverse the action of gravity, making it a rejuvenating booster for us, so the facial muscles don't sag, it reduces wrinkles and the skin naturally flattens. Fourth, yoga clothing For yoga practitioners, the quality and comfort are the most important, not necessarily the Zen style clothing of monks’ clothes and robes. Own a set of yoga clothes that fit comfortably. 5. A good set of yoga clothes is very light in weight, and there is almost no hindrance when you do the movements, allowing you to do all kinds of movements as you like. 6. Yoga has three functions: One is to maintain youth. Yoga believes that the cause of aging is autopoisoning, that is, the body has accumulated a lot of toxins for many years and cannot be excreted from the body. Practice more yoga postures, the body will become stronger, and the body will not accumulate too much cholesterol and fat, blood pressure Return to normal, the heart becomes healthier. The overall health is improved, and the person is naturally more youthful and more energetic. Every yoga pose has the effect of unblocking the body and mind, enhancing or restoring vitality, and achieving a calm mind and emotional stability. Become healthy, the mind becomes more open-minded, stronger, naturally more able to face all kinds of invisible pressures and setbacks in life. The second major effect of yoga is to refresh the mind, which can regulate the energy in the body. Most people breathe with the chest instead of the abdomen. This breathing method cannot make good use of the function of the lungs, so that the oxygen cannot fully fill the lungs. So unhealthy. And yoga pranayama is a breathing technique that provides more oxygen to the brain, making the whole mental state calm and positive. It can even reduce the amount of sleep required each day, while allowing the mind Keep it clear and steady. The third major effect of yoga is to cleanse the body and mind. Generally speaking, when the body and mind are in a state of tension for a long time, the resistance will be weakened, and the disease will naturally take advantage of it. In the last part of each yoga session, it will end with "supine pose". It has a great relaxing and meditative effect, giving people a feeling of relaxation and peace.

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